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life on an island

by ryan

What might have been,
what might arrive
on these bright shores,
we never grasp.
Almost never.
For we are endowed
this precious island
in constant current,
small and ignorant,
and blind to beyond
the mystery . . . 

I penned these lines upon our arrival in Vanuatu, and after more than a year has passed, they have taken on a sort of prophetic significance. It is as if God were preparing us for what lay ahead. We had no idea of the trials that awaited us. Now we have endured storms. We have been shaken to the core. And by the grace of God we are standing in his strength.

The end of the poem has served and still serves as our exhortation:

. . . With open hands
await the tide
with thanksgiving,
confident in
the One who is.


the pilgrims went to the east coast

by ryan

A long time ago in a galaxy–this galaxy–pilgrims traveled across the Big Pond to the East Coast.  They had hard times.  And so have we, even if they are smaller.


But we all have reasons to be thankful too.  Yesterday we missed being with most of our family.  We missed our parents, our brothers & sisters and their families, our grandparents, our aunts and uncles, and our cousins and their families.  But we had each other and friends–who are family in a way.  And we’re thankful for that.

And we’re thankful for the prospect of being home for Christmas.  If we were trees, family would be our roots and maybe our sun and rain too.  And so thinking about seeing them makes everything brighter.

East Baker Lake June 2013 044

However, before it gets too sunny I need to tell you about the Big L we have to do.  I know what you’re thinking: “Oh no!  The Big L . . .” No, you are probably thinking about losing or leagues, or maybe you are confused so you’re skipping down below to figure out just what the Big L is all about.  Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not a dance.  The Big L is Down & Right, or if you prefer, South & East.


December 13 we head Down to Southern California from Up Here in the Great White North.   Then we take a Left and go Right–I’ve heard it both ways–and go East toward Western Europe.  Directions can be hard sometimes.  Being thankful can be easy sometimes.


by ryan


When we are with people we love, a day of giving thanks gives way to contentment.