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The Long Hiatus

by ryan

OK, so we haven’t blogged in a long time. The good news is most of you keep up with us in other ways too, so the silence didn’t worry anyone . . . right?

Something has happened since June! Well, OK, lots happened. We’ll recap the last half of 2014 and the beginning of this year.

We’ve been studying, speaking, meeting, and traveling quite a bit. God has been prompting people to partner with us  in prayer and finances, and we have made lots of progress toward having enough monthly partnerships to move.  However, we still need monthly partners so it’s not too late to partner with us!

In other news, we’ve finished two courses and are working on finishing two more. Another big accomplishment was mailing in a very thick stack of immigration paper work. We are getting closer!

Where have we been? We’ve been based out of Oklahoma City, but we have traveled to North Carolina, Southern California, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Idaho and Jamaica (family vacation–thanks Mom and Dad!).

We have enjoyed quite a bit of time with my side of the family and have had the privilege of being with Jordan’s side of the family too. It was great having her parents and sister visit us. Other highlights were Jordan’s grandpa’s 90th birthday, spending Christmas with my side of the family, and being with our new niece (picture) and her parents.


What are we doing now?
Getting ready for a trip to Washington and British Columbia, and a move to Dallas in February (among lots of other things). And yes, stay tuned, because we are drafting several more blog posts.

We are so thankful for all you who pray for us on a regular basis.  We pray for you too, so keep us posted!


There & Back Again: Day 14

by Jordee

We are nearing the end of our trip (and the end of this series of posts), feeling like we are now going back again. On the morning of day 14, though, we agreed to take the long way home.

This meant heading east, leaving Idaho and entering the beautiful state of Montana. A Canadian friend of ours told us that going to Montana made her love America, and we can see why. We drove up the Going-to-the-Sun Road through Glacier Mountain National Park, feeling small and wanting to soak in all the beauty–to drink it up and remember it. I have seen beautiful mountains before, but these were breath-taking. We thanked our Creator.


We saw mountain goats and two grizzlies (from a comfortable distance) and made it to our campsite around dinner time. We drove into the town of St. Mary, Montana (population 4 or so) to eat at a seasonal diner. Saturated by the dinner and all the beautiful landscapes, we drove back to our tent and slept.  Content.

There & Back Again: Day 12

by ryan

I started my day before the sun came up and enjoyed reading  (the Bible, an old book of famous speeches, Montana guides, and a bit about my family and their dairy farm).

Jordan joined me in the dining room for a tasty quiche and lively conversation with Thomas over coffee (I had the Earl Grey’s tea instead).  And we were off.  Kind of.

We stopped off to say see-you-later to Nana.  We had a delightful time, but we wished we could take her with us for an adventure.


We drive by McCall, Idaho–one of my nostalgia epicenters.  Memories come like a gentle rocking of the earth, not strong enough to knock the pictures off the wall, but strong enough that I am alive & present, feeling reverberation after reverberation: Grandpa & Grandma, family land, Dad’s stories & Mom’s friends, skiing at Brundage, boating on Payette Lake, getting ice cream downtown on those eternal sunlight summer nights . . .

And it feels good to be back in the good ol’ US of A.


But the day is waning and we go to bed earlier than some of my senior friends.


Our destination? Hearthstone Lodge in beautiful Kamiah, Idaho.

(Kamiah, a small town nestled in a beautiful valley along the Clearwater River, is right on the Lewis & Clark (and might we add Sacajawea?) Highway.  This is Nez Pierce territory, and I believe Kamiah is a word from their language.)

Hearthstone Lodge is a bit like Tom Bombadil’s house I think–but I have only read about Tom’s house.  Now excuse me Peter Jackson, why did you leave that out of your movies?  Anyhow the Inn Keepers, Harty and his wife, are masters of their trade.  This place is a stately haven of rest: hospitality, furniture dating from Abraham Lincoln’s time, soothing music, jacuzzis, well-appointed rooms overlooking the river, fireplaces of course . . . and I could go on.

Good night!