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eighteen and a half years

by Jordee

Today was significant. Today we passed Comprehensive Exams and we received emails saying we will have finished the requirements for our masters degrees in two weeks. I don’t feel like a “master” of anything, but I do feel thankful. And tired.

I’m thankful for the number of incredible teachers: the assistant kindergarten teacher who french-braided my hair every day before nap time, the middle school band director who gave me a love for music and in the process gave me an outlet of confidence and creativity in those difficult years, two quirky high school English teachers who solidified my love for literature, the linguistics professor in undergrad who faithfully shared his wisdom and experiences, encouraging me never to waver in my commitment to use what I learned, and the team of professors in this program who teach with such deep humility, wisdom, and knowledge of their fields. And that’s just to name a few.

I’m thankful for my sister with whom I rode the bus, signed up for classes, made pots of coffee late into the night, applied for college, and celebrated graduation. I’m thankful for friends who made growing up actually quite enjoyable and for friends who lived with me and helped me adjust to the big city. And I’m thankful for Ryan who’s seen me through and finished up this program with me.

girls first day of school

I’m tired because it’s been eighteen and a half years of school with little to no pit stops. Most of the time, I had my summers, yes, but I always got back on the track. Now the transition is to something quite different but something which has been a long time comin’. I can’t be totally sure what the next eighteen and a half years will look like.

But if life is as I believe it is, I’ll have reasons to be thankful at the end.

There & Back Again: Day 11

by Jordee

Day 10 was a long, good day. We hiked for a lot of hours. We slept like babies–the kind that sleep really well.

We took our time in the morning, making breakfast and making friends with the incessantly bold chipmunks who wanted to eat with us. (One got in my lap, probably knowing I had trail mix in my pocket.)

DSC05137We were still like the lake. It was beautiful and we were thankful.

The road trip theme of “taking things as they come” continued as we descended from our campsite toward where we started. We struck up a conversation with two other backpackers, had two delightfully surprising small-world connections in the Idahoan wilderness, and then we were friends.

We ended our hike with our new friends, said goodbye for now, and drove away.  Next stops were for natural hot springs and local ice cream in Idaho City.

And we arrived back in Boise.  We checked in to the Idaho Heritage Inn, a lovely B&B where we were welcomed and well fed by Thomas (a great and pleasantly unconventional innkeeper). We were bummed that we missed Bill Cosby, but at least he left his picture, and you can only ask for so much.


There & Back Again: Day One

by Jordee


For any who may have noticed the recent lack of posts, we will now explain.

Ryan and I have been on the road, a trip we decided to take just before it began on Saturday, August 10th. Because it has been so eventful and because we have soaked in a lot of life and adventure and conversation and people, we’d like to take you through the trip (mostly) day by day.

As with all my prior experience with road trips, the morning of Day One went as we might’ve expected: waking up early, packing, making checklists, packing, coffee, packing, loading up the car, driving out of the neighborhood excitedly, remembering what we forgot, turning around at the stoplight, a joke about “if we ever leave,” and finally heading south toward the United States of America.

The border wait was the longest we’ve experienced and the traffic was a bit unexpectedly heavy, but we made it to our first stop in Yakima, Washington. There we enjoyed dinner with Ryan’s old friends and my new friends. We got back on the road and continued east toward Pasco, our final destination for the day. We arrived and enjoyed time with family whom I met for the first time, explaining we didn’t have much of a plan for the following two weeks.

Day One: taking things as they come and the sweet times with friends and family foreshadowed the rest of this trip as we would find out soon enough.

Stay tuned for Day Two and beyond.