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There & Back Again: Day 11

by Jordee

Day 10 was a long, good day. We hiked for a lot of hours. We slept like babies–the kind that sleep really well.

We took our time in the morning, making breakfast and making friends with the incessantly bold chipmunks who wanted to eat with us. (One got in my lap, probably knowing I had trail mix in my pocket.)

DSC05137We were still like the lake. It was beautiful and we were thankful.

The road trip theme of “taking things as they come” continued as we descended from our campsite toward where we started. We struck up a conversation with two other backpackers, had two delightfully surprising small-world connections in the Idahoan wilderness, and then we were friends.

We ended our hike with our new friends, said goodbye for now, and drove away.  Next stops were for natural hot springs and local ice cream in Idaho City.

And we arrived back in Boise.  We checked in to the Idaho Heritage Inn, a lovely B&B where we were welcomed and well fed by Thomas (a great and pleasantly unconventional innkeeper). We were bummed that we missed Bill Cosby, but at least he left his picture, and you can only ask for so much.


There & Back Again: Day 9

by Jordee

It was time to leave Boise and venture into the wilderness. We saw a dear aunt and uncle in the morning, packed up, and researched our options for the next few days. After a couple hours planning excitedly, we got on the road and headed into the mountains of Idaho: a new place for me and a favorite place of Ryan’s.

The drive was so fun. I had never seen anything like those mountains, and my excitement would build every time I saw a “Watch for Wildlife” sign. (Oh yes, I discovered on this trip my delight at seeing animals in the wild–grizzlies, mountain goats, big horn sheep. Bring it on.)

The trail leading up to Ryan’s favorite lake was pretty smoky, so we drove into the town of Stanley Idaho, population 63.


We talked to some helpful people and drove out to a different lake where we camped that night. Though we got a later start on our hiking, we felt pretty blessed to have a couple days in the forest by ourselves, and the view from our campsite was not too shabby.

DSC05063 rotated

The Albums

by ryan

Introducing the ideal place for us to share our photos with the people we love:

We are so excited to share this gem on the internet with you!

So what is it?

It is an affordable, ad-free photo-sharing website.  It is simple, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. The Albums is the closest thing to a hard-cover album filled with your printed photos.  Only unlike printed photo albums, these can be shared easily with your loved ones even if they can’t come to your house and sit down for tea and a plate of cookies.  Jordan and I are so stoked to share snapshots of our life with our family that is spread across three countries and with our friends all over the world.

A preview of our wedding photos which will be shared via The Albums. Graham Morrison Photography, used by permission (c) 2013. All rights reserved.

So why is The Albums best website of its kind?

The main reason it is the best option for sharing digital photos is because the founders are trustworthy.  Jordan and I know the founders personally.  They provide excellent customer service, and are truly people of integrity–rare these days, isn’t it? Furthermore, they are a family that values sharing memories, protecting privacy, and most importantly, family.  They have made things simple, beautiful & clutter-free.  Plus, they have thought of ideas–that to my knowledge–no one else has thought of.

And they only charge the price of a latte/month.

But aren’t we better off with a free photo-sharing website?

I did research on all ten of the Top 10 Free Photo Sharing Websites of 2013 according to techmell.net.  After trying all ten, I realized that none of them are truly free (they cost us something even if it is not easily measured in dollars).  For example, Picasa by Google+ does data mining.  Scary! Other issues were tacky ads–who wants to share those with loved ones?–and complicated or bugged interfaces.

Anyhow, we can confidently say The Albums is the best.  Contact us if you are interested in hearing more or for our evaluation of the ten other sites I looked into and tested.

The Albums is worth the small price for our family, the founders are trustworthy and the site is free of ads. It is a great way to share your life with the people you care about.  We really like it and them, and we think you will see why when you check out The Albums for yourself.  If you like what you see

like this,

share thealbums.co

and reblog this post.

Excited to share our Albums with you,

Ryan & Jordan