Together with You

by ryan

We’re all in this together.

Together with You is the name of our newsletter (we update friends about our lives and work and ask them to pray for us), but it can be used as a theme for much of our lives.  We say it to God, “Together with you”–meaning Jordan and I are in a restored relationship with God and we live with him.  We say it to all our fellow humans “Together with you”–meaning, we live on the same earth and are the same sort of creation and we affect one another.

But we say “Together with you” in another sense also, a sense related to Fountain pen.  We don’t view this blog as a Jordan and Ryan thing.  Everyone who visits, whether they comment or not, is participating with us.  Together we are seeking to understand the meaning all around us, and to make sense of our lives and the world.  We invite you to share in our journey, and even join us.

We’re glad we are together with you.  We don’t claim to be perfect so we invite you to read what we write with an open mind but also a discretionary one.  Question what you read, and feel free to ask us about what we write, or even what we don’t write.  We hope to write truth in a loving way, but we will inevitably fail at least some.  That’s where you come in.  Maybe you can help us see the truth better, or even just write about it clearer.

Together with You,

Ryan & Jordan